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Jul 20, 2017

First Pick & Giveaway:

Launch of Chaos Draft Boxes 2.0 - Now in 3 versions


Giving away an 8x Set of Bronze draft boxes:


In-Store Play Evolves


  • As of October 6th FNM now to have double-sided tokens instead of custom promos
  • Standard Showdown moving to weekends and feature foil basic lands - the first a series of 5 Rebecca Guay artworks
  • Store Championship at end of each season - with a full-art participation promo.
    • First is on Dec 30-31st featuring Rivals of Ixalan promo items - Corbin Hosler on FNM from a store-owner perspective; need a way to ‘graduate’ players from novice league to FNM; Give stores the ability to run Standard Showdown on Friday - Professor’s “Fail Night Magic”

  • Competition drives attendance
  • If you wanted to reward new players, add promos don’t replace
  • “Provide something I can’t get at the kitchen table”
  • Add / Give / Invest - Do Not Take Away
  • After Rebecca Guay - what’s next?
    • Turn into a common / hab-drab
    • Going to wear itself out fast
    • Not going to sustain for years
  • Bad Promos for so long caused a long wane
    • It attracts players, or it doesn’t; which is it?
    • Wizards didn’t tweet directly announcing FNM promo or promoting it
    • Offer 6mo of great promos w promotion from WotC
  • Bad Standard = Low Numbers
  • Why can’t they show us data?
  • Doesn’t Respect Loyalty


Gather the Townsfolk:

MTGO Launch problems - Servers went to crap. People were sad.


PT/Worlds in 2018


PT Rivals of Ixalan - Feb 2-4, Bilbao, Spain - MODERN / Draft

PT Dominaria - June 1-3, Richmond, VA (?) - Standard / Draft

PT 25th Anniversary - August 3-5 Minneapolis, MN - Team Constructed (Std/Mod/Leg(!!))

PT “Spaghetti” - Nov 2-4, Atlanta, GA, Standard / Draft

World Magic Cup - Dec 14-16 Barcelona, Spain, Format TBD


PT 25th Anniversary:

  • 3 Person Teams
  • Standard / Modern / Legacy
  • Team Competition all 3 days


How to Qualify:

  • Do well w PT Team
    • Top 16 teams after PT Dominaria
    • Team participating must be 100% part of the PT Team
  • Top 4 a Team GP From Jan 6 - May 27th, 2018
  • Sunday PTQs at GPs will feature Team formats.
  • Team RPTQ at 30 locations around the world
  • Silver/Gold/Platinum/HoF members (Silver can use their invite here)
  • 33 pro points or better at PT Dominaria
  • MTGO Can’t Qualify



  • “Will coincide with a special exhibition tournament” which will together provide ONE MILLION DOLLARS IN PRIZES - Details in September...


  • 4 “cycles” lining up with 4 releases each year; last 4 cycle points count, rolling forward
  • Less importance on first PT, less daggers if you miss a level
  • Levels change each Cycle
  • Maximum of 3 events count for this total each cycle
  • Ixalan Cycle | Rivals of Ixalan Cycle | Dominaria Cycle | Core 2019 -- note they didn't’ say “Magic 25”
  • Now a Bronze level, in effect starting today
  • Any player who receives at least 10 pro points | Granting it immediately to all players who have earned 10-19 pro points *this season*.


Bronze Pro Club level gets:

  • RPTQ invite
  • 1 Bye at GPs
  • Nationals invite


Any player who wins a PT, MTGO Championship, World Championship, Rookie of the Year, or any title that grants Pro Club status, they automatically get that status for 4 full cycles aka a year.


  • Bronze 10pts
  • Silver 20pts
  • Gold 35pts
  • Platinum 52pts


Details on Hascon Collection:

  • Three silver-bordered cards & a token
  • Brings “Dungeons & Dragons, Nerf, and Transformers into your next game of MTG”
  • Includes exclusive version of the Sword of Dungeons & Dragons with accompanying Gold Dragon Token from Unstable


Splash Damage:
Hearthstone data ground to a fine powder:




The Finisher


Last week, Bob of Bob’s Dugout led a masterclass in how best to burn every possible bridge on your way out the door from having WPN status. Now, in the past we’ve talked about stores losing WPN status from not having enough in-store space or not running enough events a week, but never before have we had the reason be the owner go off on a good ol’ fashioned racist tirade. To quote Mr. Dugout himself: “WOTC kicked me off because of something I said in my store if you can believe that! No freedom of speech here in JewMerica. I am still in shock, and anger, and disbelief but it’s true.” That escalated quickly. So, my JewMerican cohosts, if your store was to be denied WPN status, how would you make your less-than-graceful exit in your Facebook post?

Jul 18, 2017

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Jul 13, 2017

First Pick & Giveaway:

100 Episodes!


Giveaway - a box of Hour of Devastation


SDCC Promos -

Original announcement awful:


MTGO Data Sharing Changes:


Gather the Townsfolk:

Quest to return GP Trials


Splash Damage:
Dana Fischer on Mashable:


Ryan Yee Wins Chesley for ‘Die Young.’




The Finisher


Today’s episode is the 100th edition of Magic Mics. This is a special night, of course, and obviously since you remembered our anniversary… what did you get us?

Jul 11, 2017

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Filmdate - 7/10/17

Jul 6, 2017

First Pick & Giveaway:

GIVEAWAY - Win a Chaos Draft Box from!


Top 10 Topic - Top 10 HOU cards


LINKS: (Erin)


Gather the Townsfolk:

Tragic Lesson


Going Infinite:

“Cards you wouldn’t show grandma”


The Finisher

This week is the 241st anniversary of the ratification and adoption of the Declaration of Independence, a document signed by 56 traitors to the British crown over the Stamp Act of 1765. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” No one had bothered to write those words down before, and today we celebrate that high treason with hot dogs and modified grenade launchers. Now, holidays are a key part of Magic too, with cards like Footbottom Feast, Havoc Festival, and of course Elvish House Party to name a few, but with few nation states in Magic-ology the concept of an “independence day” is kind of foreign. So what would that be like?

Jul 5, 2017

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Jun 29, 2017

First Pick & Giveaway:

GIVEAWAY - Win a Playset of Majestic Myriarch


Exclusive Preview - Majestic Myriarch


  1. Razaketh the foul blooded
  2. Rhonas’ last stand
  3. River Hoopoe (hoo-poo)


  1. Doomfall
  2. Nimble Obstructionist
  3. Torment of Hailfire


  1. Champion of Wits
  2. Ammit Eternal
  3. Overwhelming Splendor


  1. Appeal // Authority
  2. Hollow One
  3. Rumanap Ruins


  1. Hazoret’s Undying Fury
  2. Hour of Eternity
  3. Kefnet’s Last Word

Going Infinite:

Hall of Fame ballots are out.


Erin asks: ‘Do you think it’s appropriate for #WotCStaff to stump for nominees?’


Sene1’s thoughts:


Quote from LSV on FB:

The average Hall of Fame voting thread:

- "You should vote for [person not remotely close to being eligible]"

- "I know [person] is a cheater, but their results are great"

- "This person's results are clearly the best" (about someone with fewer results across the board than other candidates)

- "Based on these objective criteria, you have to vote for this person" (criteria chosen in reverse to justify voting for someone specific)

At the end of all this, everyone just votes for exactly who they wanted to initially, based on whatever they feel is relevant, and nobody changes their mind. At least Josh Utter-Leyton will get to enjoy a month of everyone talking about how great he is, because not voting for him is pretty hard to justify, regardless of the metrics you choose.

SethBurn’s MaRo/Long/Pikula opinion:


Sam Stoddard’s thoughts on MTGHOF from 2011

Magic Hall of Fame should have a physical location! Travel around with Magic Art Show to GPs?


Gather the Townsfolk:

”Cassius Marsh Gets Wrecked at GP Vegas” article on Kotaku:


Official Seahawks take on Cassius in Vegas:


Splash Damage:

WotC makes a rainbow. People lose their minds:


The Finisher


This week over on the MTG subreddit, user ScottRadish stumbled upon one of the greatest cover-ups in Magic history: The M10 rule changes never happened! The theory goes that Rise of the Eldrazi came out in 2009, as did several big rule changes that coincided with the arrival of our flying spaghetti overlords. Magic did away with mana burn, but not because it was an archaic stupid rule… but because Ulamog ate all the excess mana! 1-cost burn spells and mana dorks stopped seeing print, but not because Lightning Bolt and Elvish Mystic were too good… it’s because Kozilek was countering them all! The exile zone was introduced, but not because it sounds way cooler than “removed from game…” but because the Eldrazi can process things from there! And now, with the deaths of Kozilek and Ulamog at the hands of the Gatewatch last year, Llanowar Elves and mana burn were due to come back… which is why the Standard rotation cycle was reverted back to the old 2 year version! **Wake up people!** The M10 rule changes never actually came into effect! That means damage has been on the stack for the last seven years! The term “battlefield” was introduced then as well… so where have we been putting our 187 creatures since 2009? Dogs and cats living together! Mass Hysteria! ((breathe)) Now, clearly this is the best Magic conspiracy theory since Conspiracy, but we gotta sell more National Inquirers next week, so what is another tinfoil tricorn hat hypothesis you came up with?

Jun 28, 2017

Check out our Top Ten Best Sets of ALL TIME! 


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Jun 22, 2017

First Pick & Giveaway:

GIVEAWAY - 4x Scarab Heavy Metal Magic tokens




Exclusive Preview Next Week


Spoilers -


  1. Deserts

  2. Eternalize

  3. Two Gods (Scorpion / Locust)

  4. Scavenger Grounds + Hate Cards

  5. Supreme Will, Mirage Mirror, Angel of Condemnation, Pride Sovereign


Gather the Townsfolk:

Ixalan Foil Sheet Spoiling:

  • “Enrage” Mechanic - if this creature is damaged, do X
  • 3 planeswalkers: GB vraska, U Jace, and new RW planeswalker.
  • Sorcerous Spyglass - 2 mana Peek + Pithing Needle artifact
  • Treasure tokens - "T, Sacrifice this artifact: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool."
  • Explore - Reveal top; Put +1/+1 counter on creature if non-land, if land put in hand. May put on top or in graveyard. 

The Finisher

This past Monday, just after GP Vegas ended, the National Weather Service reported that Las Vegas, Nevada posted the highest ever recorded temperature of 117 degrees in Sin City. Since then, Phoenix, Palm Springs, and many others also reported record highs. Death Valley came within degrees of the hottest it has ever been anywhere  in the United States. Burbank airport in southern California grounded regional aircraft because the air was too hot and thin to provide the lift needed to take off. #Science. Basically it’s the perfect metagame Deserts and Hour of Devastation. So based on the spoiler season and the summer season heating up, what do you expect the next official Hour of Devastation preview to be?

Jun 17, 2017

First Pick & Giveaway:
GIVEAWAY - Gift Certificates

Announcement Week!

#1 - Metamorphosis 2.0
New Worlds each plane; the death of small sets

The Core Set Returns! Core 2019 on its way in July

Less Gatewatch characters/planeswalkers in sets

“Play Design” team developed

Magic MMORPG coming from Cryptic Studios

Magic Duels is dead

Aetherworks Marvel is banned in Standard

Looked at adding cards to Standard

Ixalan is coming - leaks suck

Rivals of Ixalan in January 2018

New “Art of Ixalan” book coming

April of 2018 - “Dominaria” coming! Richard Garfield on design team!

25th Anniversary Masters Set in March 2018

UNSTABLE - New Un-Set - December 8th, 2017

Pro Tours not necessarily 2 weeks after set release (starting with Ixalan)

TEAM PRO TOURS - for Pro Tour Core Set 2019
How should people qualify?
What format should the qualifiers / Pro Tour use?

Red Zone: Leaks - Good or Bad? Publish / Talk About or No?

Giveaway / Trivia Questions

$10 - What Was Our First Ever Preview Card?

$25 - Who Was The Only Guest EVER On The Show?

$50 - What Episode # are we filming today?

$100 - What Day Did The First Show Air?

Jun 8, 2017

First Pick & Giveaway:

GIVEAWAY - Nicol Bolas Archenemy set -


Hour of Devastation Spoilers - Nicol Bolas, Samut, Bontu’s Last Reckoning


MTG Triple-A Video Game MMORPG!


Gather the Townsfolk:

MTGO 15th Anniversary:


Extra HOU cards - Basic Lands


Seen in Archenemy:



Red Zone:
Commander vs 1 v 1 Commander


Desperate Ravings:

Magic Streamers to Watch, by Gaby Spartz:


The Finisher


Ladies and gentlemen, Magicians of all ages, next week is Grand Prix Las Vegas, and that means we are a short *nine days* from the first ever Magic Mics filmed in front of a live studio audience with all three of us sitting together in the same room, and of course later broadcast live-to-tape like Saturday Night Live does it. It is very exciting, but it’s also a lot of pressure, because you all expect the best from us. So in order to live up to the hype, what’s one thing we can do to make next week’s live show extra memorable?

Jun 1, 2017

First Pick & Giveaway:

GIVEAWAY - $50 Gift Certificate


GP Vegas Announcement - LIVE SHOW!


C17 Spoilers after last week


Gather the Townsfolk:

Announcing ‘Commander: Anthology:’


Changes to Magic Online PPTQs:


New cards warp easier?


Desperate Ravings:

Pro Tour Special Invite Controversy:

Amaz (Jason Chan) bio - his Twitch AmazHS has over 76m views, 806,000 followers, regularly gets 20,000 watching him at any one time.


GP Vegas Travel Guide, by Chris Higashi on NumotGaming


Going Infinite:

“Head to Head: Fun things wizards won’t let you have”

Follow along:


Blast From The Past:

Worst GP Playmats


The Finisher

This June, we celebrate a few life milestones: Magic Mics turns 2 later this month, we’re going to have our first live studio audience episode at GP Vegas, my son Miles turned 6 today, and thousands of folks from all over the world graduate from high school, universities, and various community colleges (both Tolarian and otherwise). So as we don our mortarboards and sign our yearbooks, what would like your current senior quote to be?

May 25, 2017

First Pick & Giveaway:

GIVEAWAY - Win a set of Black/Red/Green Dragon Shields




Cat Dragon Story:


Hascon details released:

  • $642 for VIP
  • Exclusive silver-border set of 3 cards featuring other brands
  • $60~ Iconic Masters sealed flights


Gerry Auction


Gather the Townsfolk:

Standard getting cheaper:


New Standard Throwback - 2000s


SCG Invitational, now with sponsors!


Going Infinite:

Standard we have a problem: (Seth Manfield on Std)


What if WotC just announced that [X Card] is now legal?

Ralph Ciarlanti

Rather than banning cards, Wizards could release a statement along the lines of "B&R update: Pithing needle is now legal in standard". I think that this approach would be better received by the player community than banning cards.


PT winner gets a card?


Splash Damage:

Force of Will putting packs of lands instead of lands in packs; also including 5x ‘new player friendly commanders (J-Rulers)’ in booster box, and booster box doubles as a card box


The Finisher



Bronze-Level Canadian Magic Pro Daniel Fournier cut out a little slice of Magic history for himself last weekend at GP Montreal when after activating AEtherworks Marvel he pulled out a fidget spinner… and spun the Fidget Marvel for all of Twitch to see. Now, I’m no stranger to using Pogs as fading counters or Furbies keeping track of life totals ((Furby, what’s my life total?)), so what’s the next fad that’s going to make an appearance on the Magic stage:

May 18, 2017

First Pick & Giveaway:

GIVEAWAY - Dungeons & Dragons: Tales from the Yawning Portal (Fifth Edition)




  • Gerry T wins!


Over 40k watching PT finals



Awkward slide:


  • Content for subs/prime on twitch?


Gather the Townsfolk:

  • Martin Muller fuckup, BDM meme

Kill Bill clip:

Muller and The Wish from Sept 2016:


  • “Play Design” group


Going Infinite:

Rivals of Ixalan and “25” 


Desperate Ravings:

  • Teams - Many not qualified


Calcano Moment:




Red Zone:

Marvel - design mistake?


Splash Damage:

Hearthstone qualifiers taking place at Buffalo Wild Wings:

The Finisher



Nathan Holt and Shawn Kornhauser, of Walk the Planes fame, have been doing a new video series called Enter The Battlefield with vignettes focusing on community folks like Christine Sprankle in the episode on cosplay and for Paul Cheon and The Professor from Tolarian Community College subtitled “creators.” Now we know how impressive these guys are, and how awesome it would be to be a subject yourself, what would your episode be about?

May 11, 2017

First Pick & Giveaway:


GIVEAWAY - Ice Tower Deck Box - - They fixed MTGO Commander!


SCG Tour Season 2 Announcements:


Gather the Townsfolk:


Stupid rule interaction needs to change:

Judge afraid:


Non-rotating format Challenges:


Account hacked? Sucks to be you:


Broken Magic incoming!


Budde says it looks ‘horrendous’




Desperate Ravings:

“Ban bombs in limited” LOL


Pro Tour Amonkhet Draft


Splash Damage:

MTG Movie Dead:


Minecraft skins


The Finisher

It was found out this week that the screenwriters originally working on the film are no longer working on the Magic: The Gathering movie, and he doesn’t know exactly where it’s at right now. So since the movie seems lost in the Multiverse, where do you think it’ll end up now?

May 4, 2017

First Pick & Giveaway:

GIVEAWAY - Heavy Metal Magic Zombie Tokens - 5 Winners


MTGO Commander - as tone deaf as it gets?


Official Sheldon Menery response:


AKH Limited is Great!


Gather the Townsfolk:

We complain a lot -


Desperate Ravings:


AJ Sacher’s response to women should just ignore Twitch chat:


Emma’s observation that started this:


Q & A

The Finisher

Merriam-Webster’s English Dictionary has added a brand new word to their dictionary: sheeple, a (port-man-toe) portmanteau of “sheep” and “people.” Everybody loves a good portmanteau, so if you can, help the English language to continue to evolve and move forward with a portmanteau of your own.

Apr 27, 2017

First Pick & Giveaway:



B&R Announcement - Top banned in Legacy, Gush & Gitaxian Probe banned in Vintage, NO BANS in Standard:


  • Eternal Masters reprint
  • Counterbalance / Counterbalance /


Addendum to the B&R: Felidar Guardian!


Hasbro $ report: Magic down? (I HAVE NO THOUGHTS ON THIS)


The Girlfriend Bracket 100 - The end of the podcast


Gather the Townsfolk:

MTG Art Show Announcement!


Magic Online exert implementation sucks:


New Black Lotus art walkthrough (for Eternal Weekend):


Continued difficulty for overseas LGSs, this time China:



Melissa DeTora hired full time at WotC: <<--melissa’s ep of TableTop


WER crashed 3x Prereleases in a row


The Finisher

This week, after the banned and restricted announcement part one on Monday, announced that they would be refunding customers who purchased Invocation Counterbalances after Sensei’s Divining Top spun out of the format. CoolStuffInc has offered to buy back all Saheeli Rai’s bought since Monday. This is excellent customer service of course, but it got me thinking: what other format shakeups could result in order reimbursements?

Apr 20, 2017

First Pick & Giveaway:

GIVEAWAY - Win all five Unhinged Land Deck Boxes from Ultra Pro


Magic Art Show almost there:


Iconic Masters accidentally spoiled by WPN Email.




  • Ixalan announced - where is Hour of Devastation info? Release on 9/29/17
  • Pro Tour Ixalan is Nov 3-5th - FIVE WEEKS after release (instead of two)
  • Nationals
    • Sept 9-10
    • Sept 16-17
    • Oct 14-15
    • Mix of Standard AND Booster Draft (AKH for first two, XLN for last)
    • Nationals participation promo: Inkmoth Nexus


Commander 2017 - Tribal, 4x decks instead of 5x -

  • 4x instead of 5
  • Unexpected Tribe(s) hints
  • August 25th (moved up)
  • Creature Classes? (Cleric, Wizards) Reuben thinks: Warriors, Rogues


RPTQ charge poll:


RPTQ Promo as “prize” for PPTQ winner, now diminished:


Just charge for PTs -


Baffled -


Gather the Townsfolk:


Did a Mass Unbanning Happen?


Magic Art Show almost there:


Going Infinite:

Magic Novel problem: (Erin)

The Finisher

In celebration of 4/20, a 4/20 joke! It came to light this week that, for some reason, Taco Bell WiFis around the country prevent those connected to it from visiting Magic: The Gathering websites, such as,, MTGSalvation, and Gamepedia. One would think that Magic and Taco Bell would go together like nerds and junk food, so why do you think the Bell blocked the Gathering?

Apr 13, 2017

First Pick & Giveaway:

Magic Mics Swag arriving!


GIVEAWAY -  Rhonas Invocation version




Amonkhet Spoilers


Rhonas the Indomitable Invocation Version

Oketra’s Attendant (and token)

Grasping Dunes

Cradle of the Accursed


Bontu the Glorified

Liliana, Death’s Majesty

Nissa, Steward of Elements


Harsh Mentor

Samut, Voice of Dissent

Vizier of the Menagerie


Never // Return

Vizier of Many Faces

Glory-Bound Initiate


Pull from Tomorrow

Angel of Sanctions

Approach of the Second Sun


Gather the Townsfolk:

Play w Amonkhet the day after paper pre-release on MTGO


Sad tweet storyline: (Erin)


Invocations still only in Treasure Chests: (Erin)


They edited today’s story to be less...overt?


Wizards’ response:


WotC doesn’t try to recreate certain experiences:


The Finisher

This week is Passover, the Jewish Festival of the release of the Jews from Egypt, a fact I just learned because Reuben wrote this joke. But this Passover is different from all other Passovers because this Passover we’re also celebrating the release of the Amonkhet set from Wizards of the Coast, so on this happiest of holidays, do you have anything you’d like to get off your chests?

Apr 6, 2017

First Pick & Giveaway:

GIVEAWAY -  Hazoret the Fervent (aka The Pervert) Invocation version


“Hazoret the Pervert” Invocation



Amonkhet Spoilers


1 - Cut//Ribbons, Destined//Lead, Insult//Injury, Mouth//Feed

2 - Dusk//Dawn, Prepare//Fight, Rags//Riches

3 - Canyon Slough (Bicycle!), Drake Haven, Kefnet the Mindful

4 - Gideon, Aven Mindcensor, As Foretold

5 - Cast Out, Channeler Initiate, Combat Celebrant


Gather the Townsfolk:

Amonkhet Split Cards Rules Change:


Magic: The Gathering’s Head Designer has a damn hard job:


The Finisher

This week, New York City FC signed FIFA pro Christopher Holly to a contract, as the first esports star signed to a Major League Soccer club. Now this is of course is a soccer club signing a soccer star, of the digital athletic variety, but it does open the door for future partnerships. Perhaps partnerships with Magic. So who would you like to see make the leap from cardboard to a traditional sports franchise?

Mar 30, 2017

First Pick & Giveaway:

GIVEAWAY -  7 Wonders Duel - Winner chosen Friday at 11PM ET -




Amonkhet Spoilers


  • Punch card token?!
    • “Embalmed” / Exerted / Brick Tokens / -1/-1 Counters
  • Exerted Mechanic (“Tryhard”)
    • Glorybringer
  • Archfiend of Ifnir
    • Return of Cycling!
  • Oracle’s Vault
    • Brick Counters
  • Trueheart Duelist
    • Embalm mechanic




Trick GIF:


Via Aaron Forsythe - They were meant to look not English; So...good job?


Gather the Townsfolk:

MTG Art Show Kickstarter - Josh Krause and Mike Linnemann


Three Unique pieces of Original Artwork to show off based on our chosen guild:


  • Erin - Overgrown Tomb by Rob Alexander
  • Reuben - Guttersnipe by Steve Prescott
  • Evan - Render Silent by Kev Walker


Cascade Games partnering with DreamHack Austin for $10k event; is this the next big thing for non-CFB TOs” To partner with non-MTG big gaming conventions?


Announcement Day moved to “June”


Lack of Graveyard Hate was planned


Mike Davis has died


Going Infinite


  • What makes Standard Good?
  • No Core Set means no ‘random cards’ (like Steel Overseer in M11 to help Scars block, etc) to help previous themes.
  • 4 Huge Set Themes vs 2 Huge Set Themes = a problem with balance.
  • Hate cards are lacking. Kaladesh didn’t need Shatterstorm, but not even a Naturalize?


Besides Tibalt, what is the worst Planeswalker in a Standard Set?



  • Chandra Ablaze (Zendikar)
  • Gideon, Champion of Justice (Guildpact)
  • Jace, the Living Guildpact (M15)
  • Liliana of the Dark Realms (M14)
  • Sarkhan Unbroken (Dragons of Tarkir)
  • Dovin Baan (Kaladesh)
  • Kiora, Master of the Depths (Battle for Zendikar)



The Finisher

I stumbled across a Reddit thread this week that got me thinking: we’ve seen Homelands, Prophecy, Dragon’s Maze, Rebecca Guay-gate, Necro, Affinity, Bant Company, Eldrazi, enemy fetchlands, enemy fetchland reprints, counterfeits, Wingdings mana, Wingdings abilities, and now Wingdings Masterpieces. But so far, nothing has successfully killed Magic. So in one sentence, what can actually kill Magic?

Mar 23, 2017

First Pick & Giveaway:

COOLSTUFFINC GIVEAWAY - 2x copies of Duel Deck: Mind vs Might -


ChannelFireball takes over ALL GPs beginning 2018, ‘multi-year’ plan;


Magic Show points:

  • No Competition means…
    • Likely higher prices for players
    • Likely higher prices for vendors
  • Players get:
    • Consistent Experience
    • Promotions can last multiple events
  • Player dangers:
    • Higher prices
    • No new ideas / bland events
  • Judge good
    • Only one place to schedule events
    • Consistent compensation (no bad vs great organizers)
  • Judge bad
    • End of Judge program due to lawsuits
    • Centralizing of premier level play judging will allow the implementation of a separate institution easily


Modern Masters 2017 Release - price drops?


Thanks to MM2017 - Dragon’s Maze is now worth $35/box, $.97/pack


No Bans:


Mind vs Might Decklists: YAWN


Gather the Townsfolk: 


Neale Talbot


  • Wizards needs to consolidate their customer tracking information into a single customer-identifiable ID.
  • Wizards have already consolidated DCI and other information into “Wizards Accounts.”
  • Wizards is phasing out DCI numbers and shutting down legacy systems.
  • MDN has been identified as a “platform” that provides a “seamless digital experience.”
  • MDN could serve as Wizards opportunity to unifying accounts as a launch-pad to interacting with Magic IP products, both online and offline.


  • WotC copying Blizzard by creating a “Wizards ID”
    • Can track online and offline play
    • No need for DCI (see also: Judge program)


Going Infinite - Too many PWalkers these days? 4x per set since BFZ, was 2.4~ or so per set before. Small set get 2 vs 1 previously.


Splash Damage
I Made Obscene Money Forging Magic the Gathering Cards:


Lifecoach on Quitting Hearthstone:



The Finisher

This week after the GAMA show, there was a huge shake up that left three iconic long-time board game legends out of a job. I'm talking of course about the three Monopoly pieces (the thimble, the wheelbarrow, and the boot) that got the boot from the all-time classic and truly terrible Hasbro title. More than 4.3 million votes on social media determined the newly configured group of eight: a T-Rex, rubber ducky and penguin will join the five classic tokens Scottie the dog, hat, car, battleship, and the cat, which you may recall replaces the iron in 2013. This is a truly momentous day, but it begs the question: what iconic character would be next to get the boot in Magic?

Mar 9, 2017

First Pick & Giveaway:




COOLSTUFFINC GIVEAWAY - Ultra Pro supplies featuring new Snapcaster Mage - Deck Box, Playmat, and Sleeves -


Modern Masters comedown - Tarmogoyf, Blood Moon, Cavern of Souls in the set. EV off the chain.


Pauper - Thunderous Wrath at common(!)


  • Karn price spike
  • Mishra’s Bauble continues to get more expensive
  • Noble Hierarch
  • Fulminator Mage (at $30+)


Banning announcement on Monday - what stays? Can JtMS return? Will Mox Opal get banned?


MTGO Champs reactions: Wrapter Wins, Lucas Blohan 2nd Place with impressive showing


Gather the Townsfolk:

MOCS - reactions mixed, new casters (PSulli)


Masterpieces in future Modern Masters sets?


Pass the Salt

Reserve List Birthday - March 4th, 1996 - in response from Chronicles & Fourth Edition


From reddit:


The revision of the list happened in direct response to the Phyrexia vs. Coalition Duel Decks, which were revealed to contain a copy of Phyrexian Negator. Duel Decks being such a heavily printed product compared to something like a judge foil or FTV product caused a lot of people to get extremely worried about the potential future reprints that this could lead to (Forums were ablaze at the time), and either due to the outcry that this resulted in, or due to someone with actual power to do something, a meeting was called to discuss the future of the Reserved List. At the time, it was something that Wizards were open to discussing to some degree, and everyone expected that it would be the death knell of the thing.


Splash Damage

MaRo top-rated speaker at last year’s Game Developer’s Conference:


Broken Concentration & Accursed Witch nominated for Spectrum awards:


Viewer - Q&A


The Finisher

This week, the NHL’s expansion team the Las Vegas Golden Knights signed the very first player in franchise history: a free agent forward from the Brandon Wheat Kings of the Western Hockey League by the name of Reid Duke. Now, obviously, this Reid Duke is not the same Reid Duke we all know and love, but that didn’t prevent the Twitter mentions of our favorite Peach Gardener from filling up faster than an open net. It also means that hashtag Baewatch is now also hashtag Knightwatch and we all have a new favorite hockey squad, so Erin and Reuben, what I want to know is this: what’s next for the NHL’s Golden Knights now that they have the adoration of Magic players everywhere?

Mar 2, 2017

First Pick:

Exclusive Preview - Scavenging Ooze!


GIVEAWAY - 4x Scavenging Ooze from Modern Masters 2017



Enemy Fetchlands


Path to Exile & Inquisition at Uncommon (Inquisition was rare in Conspiracy 2)


Liliana of the Veil


  • Giving community members spoilers
    • Kibler gets Bonfire
    • Losset gets Terminus
    • Alexander Hayne was Entreat
    • Frank Karsten was Stony Silence
    • Loading Ready Run was Seance
    • Mark Rosewater had Gifts Ungiven



  • Burning-Tree Emissary
  • Magma Jet
  • Mortician Beetle from Rare to Common(!)


Still Looking For:

  • Mishra’s Bauble
  • Blood Moon
  • Engineered Explosives
  • Crucible of Worlds


Gather the Townsfolk:

CFB & CoolStuffInc buying back reprints

The Finisher

It seems Wizards of the Coast is really into trolling it’s official previewers this time around, what with giving us a graveyard hate card and giving Brian Kibler Bonfire of the Damned, giving Frank Karsten Stony Silence, and giving Loading Ready Run Seance, and a few more. So for when Amokhet rolls around, what card would troll you the most?

Feb 23, 2017

First Pick:

GP VEGAS STARRING US sponsorship coming next week!


Amonkhet packaging, full art lands, mummies


2017 Modern Masters - Domri Rade & Stoic Angel on Packaging? (Griselbrand on other); Clearly Snapcaster Mage on packaging.


Planeswalker Decks - Gideon & Liliana


- Liliana, Death's Manipulator 5BB

+2: -1/-1 cntr on 1 creature;

- Gideon, Martial Paragon 4W

+2 Untap guys, +1/+1 UEOT


Amonkhet Full Art Lands - 4 in 1


Archenemy: Nicol Bolas - Red-Headed Stepchild


Hasbro Investor Call - More Magic Digital Next Details


MTGO having to scrap the Mirage-Tempest Flashback Gauntlets, replacing with Triple Khans Flashback Drafts. (Gurl.)


Gather the Townsfolk:

Gerry T, Sam Black, Josh Utter-Leyton attempting to break Modern with Death’s Shadow:


Most dominating GP deck ever? No:


What I Love About Magic: The Personal Growth:


Auctioning off 1996 WC original art

Original Card - $200k:


Going Infinite

Magic’s eSports Future:


No mo Kamigawa probably :(


The Finisher

Today NASA held a press conference announcing that seven, count ‘em, seven Earth-sized planet have been discovered in a solar system only about 40 lightyears from ours. The discovery of the TRAPPIST-1 system sets a new record for the greatest number of habitable-zone planets found around a single star outside our solar system. All of these seven planets could have liquid water, and three fall within the Goldilocks zone that can support human life. This is obviously a huge day for those interested in space exploration and that meme guy from the History channel, but tell me: what will Magic be like once we enter the Interstellar era?

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