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Dec 29, 2016

First Pick:

Xmas treat - Masterpieces revealed (2 in AER not revealed)


Paradox Engine

5 mana

Legendary Artifact

Whenever you cast a spell untap all non-land permanents you control.


Planar Bridge

6 mana

Legendary Artifact

8, tap: search your library for a permanent card, put it onto the battlefield. Shuffle your library.


Gather the Townsfolk:

Rudy of Alpha Investments is back! Hosetown; @mtg_alphainvest

Alpha Investments YouTube channel:  - “The opposite of love is not hate, but apathy.”



Going Infinite

Sam Black’s Banned Wishlist
- Sensei’s Divining Top in Legacy
- Mox Opal, Golgari Grave-Troll
- Unban Jace the Mind Sculptor, and Bloodbraid Elf. Birthing Pod, if Jace & Bloodbraid return
- Emrakul in Standard
- Joked about Modern reprint of Cabal Therapy


Rosewater & Snow Duals:


The Finisher

A Twitter discussion popped up this week that I really enjoyed, so as the last Finisher of 2016 I have to ask: “Without revealing your actual age, what something you remember that if you told a younger person they wouldn't understand?”

Dec 22, 2016

First Pick:

Oath of Ajani

Tezzeret the Schemer

Quicksmith Spy


Gather the Townsfolk:

2 Ways to Fix Standard


Drapht Around the World:


Rudy from Alpha Investments


Splash Damage

Overwatch’s Tracer is revealed to be gay:


Going Infinite


The Finisher

This is our last episode before Christmas. So with visions of Thopter Pie Networks dancing in our heads, what are you hoping to find under your tree next Sunday?

Dec 15, 2016

First Pick:

Spoiler - Consulate Crackdown


Gather the Townsfolk:

Does Standard Suck?


Splash Damage

WotC just "outsourced" their D&D Organized Play Volunteers to another company.


Going Infinite

Listener Q&A!  


The Finisher


The final Players Championship in its current form will be coming this weekend in the Star City itself, Roanoke, Virginia. 16 of the world’s greatest Magic players (that live in the New England and Atlantic area) will come together and battle across a myriad of formats to crown the Players’ Champion. But it will be leaving us at the end of 2016, so if you were to come up with a new process to crown the champion of the Open Series, what would you select?

Dec 9, 2016



First Pick:

GREAT STATS - thank you!


Works in 3s - Picture of playmat and the Game Day foils


2nd - Story Spoilers


3rd - Packaging


BIG packaging leaks

  • AER official previews: Ajani, Ajani PW deck ver, Tezz PW deck ver



Gather the Townsfolk:

Shuhei casting 8 mana worth of spells on 7 lands…


Shuhei’s response:


Softer penalties for HoFers?


SCG Judge Rewards Dead:


Going Infinite:

Aaron Forsythe: Imagine we make a set with RG theme of Beast Tribal. The best Beast deck in Standard ends up BG. Is that cool emergent gameplay or an error?


Red Zone

Lee Sharpe - What are your thoughts on #MTGO running TSP/PLC/FUT flashback drafts but taking out Sprout Swarm as a tweak to make it to more fun? #MTGO  (Red Zone?)


Splash Damage


Tim Aten (WotC editor) crushing it on Jeopardy (currently 5 day winner, guaranteed a spot in May’s tournament of champions already, 5 day total $71,300, currently ranked 8th in Jeopardy power rankings according to:


Thanos errata = “Ban & replace”


The Finisher


Two days ago, MagicTCG was the Subreddit of the Day on the front page of the internet. For those unfamiliar, Reddit highlights a sub to feature every day, and yesterday just so happened to be our turn. Today, for example, some of the subs du jour include /r/DumpsterDiving, /r/FinalFantasy, and my fave: /r/OldPeopleDGAF. But we did have our moment in the sun, so if you could speak to a random Redditor who stumbled across /r/MagicTCG, what words of advice would you give them?

Dec 1, 2016

First Pick:

Aether Revolt spoilers:


New FNM Promos -


Standard Showdown


PT Team Series Rules:

Full rules:

  • Dress code

Gather the Townsfolk:

GP Chiba Quality:

  • 500 Free Students
  • $105~ entry
  • Free snacks and drinks
  • Relaxation / quiet space
  • VIP experience for all
  • Online deck registration
  • Push Notifications
  • Coat Check!
  • No Sleep in Special cost
  • Frontier support

Shuhei Nakamura hits 100k lifetime pro points


The Eh Team ends(indefinite hiatus?) after 300 episodes (No Erin)


Going Infinite:

Food Chain 11-0:


Legacy talk


Splash Damage

YouTube Lying About Subscribers:


The Finisher


Norway’s Magnus Carlsen won the 2016 World Chess Championship over Russia’s Sergey Karajkin on the 50th move of the 16th game on the 19th day of the finals match… in what chess experts (or chessperts as they are often never called) are calling one of, if not the, most exciting final moves in world championship history, a Queen gambit of White Queen to H6. You may laugh, but make fun of it at your own peril, because organizers said 10 million people worldwide followed the match online, with some paying $15 and up for live-streamed video, but most watching computer renderings of the board and pieces for free. It was watched at its peak by 52,000 unique viewers on Twitch’s ChessNetwork during its version of the Lightning Helix moment. So the next question for us is: what can Magic do to capture the excitement and explosiveness of the coolest newest esport that all the kids are talking about… chess?

Nov 23, 2016

First Pick:

WotC and Twitch reach agreement to be official... something?


Imperial Seal Judge Promo:


U/W Flash & GB Delirium - 81% of the Top 32. 15 of which (47%) are B/G Delirium.


Standard sucks:

  • “Standard is "Solved" Too Quickly”
  • “Standard has Become About Cards, Not Decks”

The Importance of Hate Cards in Standard:


Greece wins WMC, Italy back to back

Weird breakers:


Pros Coming Out - Jacob Wilson, Huey Jensen


Thopter Pie Network




Gather the Townsfolk:


Sven Bjornerud (@Sene1) ending his full-time PotY spreadsheet maintenance


Desert Bus - $600k this year!

Alex’s beautiful speech:


Going Infinite:


What card from Magic’s past should get a reprint for Commander 2017?


Is Magic putting out too many expansions?

June: Eternal Masters; July: Eldritch Moon; August: Conspiracy 2; September: Kaladesh & Nissa vs. ObNix; October: no new releases! November: Commander 2016 & Planechase Anthology

EMN reprint cycle:

Sky falling, etc.:


Custom Magic card of the week: Crumbling Library


Splash Damage


D&D goes into the Toy HoF, alongside Fisher-Price Little People and ‘the swing’:



Inducted 2009



Inducted 2008



Inducted 2011


Cardboard Box

Inducted 2005


Inducted 2016

Dungeons & Dragons

Fisher-Price Little People



Inducted 2017

Magic: The Gathering




The Finisher


Today’s episode is on a Tuesday because this week is Thanksgiving, the holiday where we Americans celebrate the one-month anniversary of Christmas songs being on the radio. But we also gather with friends and family and be thankful for what we have. So this year, what are you most thankful for?

Nov 10, 2016

First Pick:
Patreon-exclusive Google Hangout this Sunday the 13th - 10PM ET

Next episode - Tuesday, November 22nd - 11PM ET


@GrindersCastMTG - Rudy, Tannon, Brad Carpenter (Rudy’s housing me)


Peregrine Drake emergency banned in Pauper




Gather the Townsfolk:

Amonkhet Art Book Cover Debut


MaRo looking for ‘concepts’ for 2-color commanders


Going Infinite:


Hearthstone allowed all their players to choose a player at the world championship and gave out packs when they won. Couldn't MTGO do this?

  • Chas Andres

Splash Damage


Seahawks player has MTG collection stolen, offering reward for return:


The Finisher


As you may or may not be aware, the United States elected a new commander in chief last night. Polls show that the country has never been more divided, and that includes America’s 8 million or so Magic players. So when President Trump is sworn in as the 45th president of the Unites States in January, what is the number one issue you’d like to see him address to reunite the red, white, and blue… and black and green?

Nov 3, 2016

First Pick:

2017 SCG Tour and In-Store Programs Update


Tales of Adventure taking Eternal back


Drama at Eternal Weekend? (cheating in Legacy, weird feelings on Vintage winner?)


Gather the Townfolk:


Kent Ketter and Cardhoarder part ways:


C16 Spoilers - Ash Barrens, Magus of the Will


Pass The Salt


So many stories of "everyone thought this was a terrible idea, and look how right it was" from @maro254, but this..?


Going Infinite


The MTG Bracket: what will be voted the “top” Magic card of all time?


The Finisher


Last night, Las Vegas nail salon owner (KWEE WIN) Qui Nguyen won the World Series of Poker. Tonight, the Cubs and Indians battled in game 7 of the World Series of baseball. Hundreds of millions of fans watched them live on television, but they pale in comparison to the World Magic Cup in 3 weeks. But let’s say, for the sake of argument, on the off chance that poker and baseball get more viewers than Magic: The Gathering, what broadcast hints could MTG pick up from their sports brethren?

Oct 28, 2016

First Pick:

Commander 2016 Exclusive Preview


Commander 2016 Previews


Slide #1 - Kynaios and Tiro of Meletis | Atraxa, Praetors’ Voice | Cruel Entertainment


Slide #2 - Deepglow Skate | Selfless Squire


Kent Ketter thing


Oliver Tiu thing - Reuben


Pass The Salt


All basic lands extended art:


Frame makes a diff (from Proxy Guy):


Going Infinite


All decks published at the start of PT:


Splash Damage

Howard Lyon’s daughter in Top 20 of the Voice.


The Finisher


Next Monday is Halloween, the best holiday on the calendar. Kids get to play dress-up, adults get to drink while playing dressup, and for one day a year we all decide to ignore the “don’t take candy from strangers” rule because screw it. Halloween is also the one time a year American popular culture really celebrates black’s section of the color pie, so in that vein what is the scariest story you know?

Oct 20, 2016

First Pick:

Commander 2016 Preview next week


Pro Tour

New e-sports style top 8 format, e-sports style trophy


Standard Rotation Update:

Not a good idea?:


You Make the Cube voting - Pro Tour Cube by Eric Klug


Eternal Extravaganza 5 recap, Eternal Weekend preview


Gather the Townsfolk

State of Organized Play


The Real Lifestyle of the Professional Magic Player:


Desperate Ravings


Enter the Battlefield (Walk the Planes endeavor)


Going Infinite

Penny Dreadful format:


Splash Damage


The Finisher

Sharpen your knives and set out a Basic Campfire, because Blizzard has announced that they will be releasing the World of Warcraft Official Cookbook, available by preorder now… but only to those who have preregistered for BlizzCon 2016 later this month. But we know good eats when we see them, so if you were to make your own gaming-themed foodstuff what would you put on the menu?

Oct 5, 2016

First Pick:

Smuggler’s Copter - 146 in Top 64, all T8, all T16


Do Week One Results Matter? / Looter Scooter


Chandra not shining bright


Initial announcement regarding Treasure Chests:


Response from Goatbots:


Response from Cardhoarder:


Wizards update to Treasure Chests:


Gather the Townsfolk

Corbin Hosler wrote -- Randy Buehler - Bringing the Magic to Us:

Going Infinite

Energy in the future -


Splash Damage

TwitchCon - Kenji Subs, future for MTG Streamers?


The Finisher

Tonight is the first and, thankfully, only Vice Presidential debate. We’re only about a month away from Voting Day, but there is still time to announce your candidacy, so if you were to run for the highest office in the land, what would your tagline be?

Sep 29, 2016

First Pick:

Kaladesh Prerelease


Gather the Townsfolk

Banned and Restricted list: No changes


Desperate Ravings Pile Shuffling added to Magic Tournament Rules:


Going Infinite

New format:


Splash Damage

California fake signature bill: --video


The Rise and Rise of Tabletop Gaming:


(could apply to Magic, and people wanting to physically be close to one another)


The Finisher

This week, combination Bond-villain-and-technology-Jesus Elon Musk announced this week that he wants to send One Million people to Mars with his SpaceX program. And to further nerdify this story, he wants to name the Mars-bound spaceship the “Heart of Gold,” in a reference to Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. And since vehicles also just came out in Kaladesh, what do you think the Magic Mics spacecraft should be named?

Sep 15, 2016

First Pick:


Masterchef finale: spend like 30 seconds on this, it ends right before we start


Official previews from Kaladesh

Fuckin’ Masterpieces doe!

Captured by the Consulate (and all of the story watermarked cards)

Dovin Baan

Aether Hub

Aethersquall Ancient (Sky Whales!)

Brazen Scourge (Gremlin Ram-Gang)

Cathartic Reunion (Erin’s Bazaar reprint!)

Glint-Nest Crane

Scrapheap Scrounger

Oviya Pashiri, Sage Lifecrafter


Segue to...


The Red Zone:


Final spoiler card discussion: Impeccable Timing (new card with Ajani on it)


Gather the Townsfolk


Ladies Night / LGS loses it. Classic “A Florida Man…”

(original no longer available)

Part I:

Screenshots Part II; the internet never forgets:

Helene is on the case:


Desperate Ravings

Helene response:


...Which led to “Pros versus Other Pros” controversy on Twitter:







Going Infinite

No max hand size?:


The Finisher

The author Roald Dahl, who wrote such famous books as James and the Giant Peach and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, has his 100th birthday this month and to help commemorate the Oxford English Dictionary is adding six new entries and updating four phrases to celebrate Dahl’s life and career. One update is for the word, and Kaladesh creature type, “Gremlin,” in respect to Dahl’s novel “The Gremlins” that turned the word from a slang term for something going wrong into the mythical creatures we know and love. So assuming there are no gremlins in our stream between now and the end of the show, tell the the folks at home a phrase you’d like to have updated when the world celebrates your 100th birthday.

Sep 8, 2016

First Pick:


Sept 18th - Next Google Hangout


Evan going to Essen Spiel in October - Oct 12th show will not happen


Magic Mics Water Bottles


Reuben as Leovold of Trest in “Voice of All: Leovold’s Dossiers”:


Our Official Preview - Angel of Invention


Pass the Salt

Ashiok is not Aetherborn, and thus will not be appearing in Kaladesh Block.


Gather the Townsfolk

LSV doing coverage for the next year or so


The Red Zone:

Hideous World Champ trophy - From Designer


The Finisher

This past week the giant panda was removed from the endangered species list. Following decades of work by conservationists, the official status of the much-loved animal has been changed from "endangered" to "vulnerable" because of a population rebound in China. Now, I'm a big fan of bears in all formats because 2/2s for 2 are just value... but I'm wondering: what is the best news for Magic players relating from the giant panda's recent recovery?

Sep 1, 2016

First Pick:


Sept 4th - Token Art Description!

Evan going to Essen Spiel in October - Oct 12th show will not happen

Water Bottles Fri or Tuesday - free to all $20+ Patrons

Congrats on Erin’s Pro Point! GP Indianapolis


MTG Announcement Day


  • 3/17/17 - Modern Masters 2017 in March 2017.
  • 4/18/17 - Amonkhet (Ah-mun-ket) - Nicol Bolas ruled, denizens are fighting in the “Trials of the 5 gods” ; “Rise Among the Worthy” the tagline
  • 5/2017 - Duel Deck: Mind vs Might
  • 6/9/17 - Commander Anthology
  • 6/16/17 - Archenemy: Nicol Bolas (play as Nicol)
  • 7/14/17 - Next set “Hour of Devastation”


Artwork for Chandra, Torch of Defiance revealed


Saheeli’s Artistry


Desperate Ravings

Ali Aintrazi Drama - Erin takes


Gather the Townsfolk

Eternal Weekend playmats - Rishadan Port for Legacy, Jace the Mind Sculptor for Vintage


The Red Zone:

GP Atlanta Playmats


Splash Damage

Feminist Reid Duke

The Finisher

During this past week, hundreds of YouTube channels had their monetization options revoked thanks to having “not advertiser friendly” content. And among those channels… is mine, the MisterOrange channel on YouTube, the non-Patreon one! Something we said last week got flagged. So, as a result, Magic Mics is going to stop getting money from the world’s largest video media site. That’s right: we’re losing all of those zero dollars we get from YouTube. Even though they say it’s to keep things Rated G, there are many saying that it’s more about the offending videos opinions of specific people or products. So since we’re definitely getting this video flagged for this Finisher, and there’s lots of Magic YouTube content creators out there these days, what would you suggest to some of those folks do to avoid our fate?

Aug 25, 2016

First Pick:


Magic Mics Water Bottle on it’s way!

Conspiracy 2

Kaya foil art different from regular printing 222/221 set #.

Garbage Fire

Stunt Double - Flash Clone!

Throne of the High City - Legacy Playable?


Surprising Reprints:

Birds of Paradise


Show and Tell

  • 1. Inquisition of Kozilek shouldn't be a rare (and other rarity upshifts).
  • 2. Inquisition of Kozilek doesn't fit the flavor of Conspiracy 2 (and another "flavor fails"
  • 3. Conspiracy 2 is more "Eternal Masters" than Eternal Masters.
  • 4. Wizards is just doing it for the money.


Gather the Townsfolk

10,000 Games simulated - But, on average, by turn 20, the deck with fetches has seen one more spell than the deck that hasn’t.


First Pirate in 17 years!


Desperate Ravings


Draft League


Blast from the Past


The Finisher

This week has been a great one for science. The internet, which was first launched by Sir Tim Berners-Lee on August 23, 1991, celebrated its 25th birthday this week by posting pictures of cats, insulting strangers, and sharing their 7 favorite movies featuring talking babies. Not to be outdone, researchers have confirmed that they have found a rocky planet quite similar to Earth a mere 4 light years away and have named it Proxima B. Now, I’m not a science scientist, but that’s going to be a tough seven days to top. So what could science do next week to best this week’s triumphs?

Aug 18, 2016

First Pick:


Conspiracy: Take The Crown Previews

Becoming “The Monarch”

New Mechanic - Melee & Secret Agenda


Pass the Salt

Paying for content


The Finisher


Well, the Rio Olympics is nearly over and they were dirtier than ever. And this time around, instead of performance enhancing drugs, the dirtiness came from Rio de Janeiro being a filthy disgusting place! Oh, and also the performance enhancing drugs. The International Olympic Committee has their hands full with this crap, so we’re lucky we don’t have to deal with the Duelists Convocation International breathing down our necks for that… But if we did, what should be on the Magic: The Gathering banned substances list?

Aug 11, 2016

First Pick:

Pro Tour

Winner - Lucas Blohon - B/W Control

LSV third Top 8 in a row!


Hall of Famer - Owen Turtenwald & Yuuya Watanabe; Mark Herberholz a distant 3rd.


Owen Turtenwald - Player of the Year & National Champion by making Top 8 over Seth Manfield.


Kaya, Ghost Assassin


Gather the Townsfolk


Organized Play Announcement:

Team Series - “Soft Launch” for $50k; Full Launch for 2017 - 2018.


Platinum players will receive a $500 appearance fee for the first six Grand Prix main events that the player competes in in the current season (currently, Platinum players receive a $250 appearance fee for each Grand Prix main event that the player competes in).


Platinum players will no longer receive hotel accommodations for each Pro Tour during the 2017–18 season.



Desperate Ravings


The Red Zone

Cut Draft from PT


Splash Damage


The Finisher


Sunday 10PM ET - Patreon Hangout

Magic players rejoice! Because Wizards of the Coast is better at something than Blizzard! The Hearthstone expansion One Night In Karazhan came out recently, and Hearthstone players immediately took to the internet to complain about the set that many claim adds nothing to the Standard environment, gives no meaningful tools to the class that needs it most, and also makes Limited more of a crapshoot based on the printed rarities. But Magic has had its own Homelands and Prophecies and Saviors of Kamigawas that equally pooped the bed, so what advice would you give to Hearthstone from you as a seasoned Magic player?

Jul 29, 2016

First Pick:

The Magic Story:


PT Sydney Changes:


Gather the Townsfolk

Magic coverage changes


Tokens “Created” again


Desperate Ravings

Ryan Yee’s Expedition Misty Rainforest first ever vertical playmat


Original 1996 World Champion


Head to Head: Old Sets


Reuben: Urza’s Legacy over Arabian Nights

Erin: Tempest over Ice Age

Evan: Legends over Urza’s Saga


Pass the Salt


WotC’s New Social Media Policy:


Splash Damage


Christoper Rush tribute:


The Finisher

Last year, DotA 2 set a record for the biggest ever ESports prize pool at more than 18 million dollars for their biggest annual tournament, ‘The International,’ and this year the team-based gaming event has already surpassed that mark for the 2016 edition that will be taking place in August in Seattle with two weeks to spare. The International 6 is now, officially, the most lucrative ESports competition ever, but hey, Magic is a top 5 ESports brand too… at least in its own mind. So if you were a member of Hasbro marketing, how would you spin Magic: The Gathering prize pools to look just as impressive as their ESports counterparts?

Jul 21, 2016

First Pick:


No Ban List Updates


SDCC Promos


Hall of Fame

My ballot:


Yuuya Watanabe

Owen Turtenwald

Mark Herberholz


Eligibility for HoF


Going Infinite


Hasbro Second Quarter Earnings: "Shadows is off to a strong start" & 2016 expected to be "8th straight year of revenue growth"


Gather the Townsfolk


Blast from the Past:

The Finisher: writer and Elves afficionado Ross Merriam will appear on this Friday’s episode of the hit trivia game show Jeopardy. Ross Hunneds is only the latest in a long line of Magic pros on reality tv, such as Dave Williams on this season’s Master Chef and Adam Esegalian on American Idol. So which Magic personality would you like to see paired up with a reality tv show next?

Jul 14, 2016

First Pick:

EMN Full Set Released


Hall of Fame 2016 - Yuuya, Owen - shoe-ins


Pokemon GO / Going Infinite


Going Infinite

From Patron Adrian Camilleri -


What would a Magic AR game look like?


Gather the Townsfolk

“Market Price” on TCGPlayer

Blue mark on the back is NOT a mistake


Vintage Cube thoughts from Maxime


Splash Damage:!/article/106375/102161027

D&D Innistrad Supplement


The Finisher:

Pokemon GO took the world by storm this week, with over 20 million active users in the first week alone. It’s safe to say that Nintendo hasn’t been hotter in recent memory, but from a Magic perspective we can’t help but be a little wistful at what could have been had Wizards of the Coast jumped on the AR bandwagon a little earlier. How do you think we could have gotten Magic in on Augmented Reality?

Jul 7, 2016

First Pick:

Gisa & Geralf (tie-in to

Eldrazi Evolution

Harmless Offering


Decimator of the Provinces

Collected Brutality

Ishkanah, Grafwidow


Liliana, the Last Hope & Oath of Liliana

Deploy the Gatewatch



Grim Flayer

Chaos Reveler

Spell Queller


Noose Constrictor

Dark Salvation



Gather the Townsfolk

Team Cardhoarder:


Red Zone:

“The Man Behind The Buyouts” -

The Finisher:


This week, Wizards of the Coast showcased the Fblthp of the next generation, the adorable yet terrifying kitten on Harmless Offering. We know that the tabby on the art deserves its own name, so if you had your own Eldrazi-laced kitty cat what would you name it?


  • (Erin) I’m thinking it should be named Jason Momoa, because it’s super cute with a dangerous back side.
  • (Reuben) I think I like the name Versus System, because it looks like is should be good, but always ends up being bad in the end.
  • (Evan) I’m in favor of calling the kitty Johnny Manziel, because it’s small, it’s weirdly adorable, and it’s never going to see competitive play.
Jun 29, 2016

First Pick:


Exclusive Spoiler - Tree of Perdition



Hanweir Battlements & Hanweir Garrison = Hanweir, the Writhing Township


Gisela, the Broken Blade & Bruna, the Fading Light  = Brisela, Voice of Nightmares


Via Maxime - our own Mishra’s Photoshop - ERUBEN



Emerge - Wretched Gryff


Escalate - Borrowed Malevolence & Blessed Alliance




Delver of Secrets & Insectile Aberration - Innistrad

Aberrant Research & Perfected Form - Shadows over Innistrad

Docent of Perfection & Final Iteration - Eldritch Moon




Sigarda, Host of Herons protects from original Emrakul abilities

Sigarda, Heron’s Grace protects from new Emrakul abilities


Gather the Townsfolk

Can’t look at Sideboards during Mindslaver effects anymore - even Wishes don’t work.


When Emrakul, the Promised End and Coax from the Blind Eternities were previewed earlier this week, it inspired a lot of discussion about a little-known corner of the tournament rules. Quoting from Section 3.15, Sideboard:

"During a game, players may look at their own sideboard and the sideboard of any players they currently control. The sideboard must remain clearly distinguishable from other cards."

As of Eldritch Moon, this rule is changing. Simply put, you can now never see an opponent's sideboard, even if you control that opponent. The exact language of the rule is being finalized.

The philosophy of the old rule makes sense: You can look at your sideboard. I control you, so I can see whatever you can see. Ergo, I can see your sideboard. But this has huge ramifications at every level of tournament play. It brings up questions of informational access, lengthy note-taking delays, the timing of strategic concessions, team dynamics, even the physical interactions between players.

If you force a player you're controlling to cast a "Wish," you can't have them access any cards in their sideboard. If you make them cast Death Wish, the same rule applies: no cards, even at random sight unseen.

I'm sorry it took the cards' public unveiling to really bring this issue to light, but I'm happy with the result. Now Emrakul can go be the monster she was meant to be.

This rule will be in effect for Magic Online play after the Eldritch Moon release. In addition, I believe (but don't quote me on this one) that there will be better functionality to support looking at your own sideboard.


Not being able to look at their sideboard even for wishes? Feels like not being able to look at their deck when using fetches.


From Matt Tabak:


“There are many reasonable arguments that you should be able to look at an opponent's sideboard while having them cast a Wish. I just wanted to note that that alternative was discussed, considered, but ultimately not passed. We feel this is a corner case interaction, and opted for the overall cleaner rule. MTGO also played a role here. So, if you're decrying the change for that reason, I get you. But don't lose sight of the larger gain. If you feel the larger gain sucks and isn't a gain at all, well, that's cool too.”


Desperate Ravings:

Expensive Visa needed for #PTEMN?


Friends going to PT Sydney, check your emails! Apparently we need a special visa to enter Australia as a result of going there for the PT. According to them the process can take several weeks.” --Christian Calcano

Early reports:


$175 Cost

Takes weeks to get


Going Infinite:

Should Pauper Be a GP format?


The Finisher:

This week, Mark Rosewater got his twitter account hacked by a porn spambot. Luckily it was a pretty tame one, happily for the Magic community, but it does make me wonder: what would you expect to be tweeted from the real life Robo Rosewater spambot?

Jun 23, 2016

First Pick:

Emrakul Rises:

Emrakul, the Promised End:


Emrakul “Secret”


Hanweir, the Writhing Township:


Coax From the Blind Eternities:


Liliana v. Emrakul poster:


The Red Zone:

Don’t Ban Miracles:

Ban Miracles:


Blast from the Past


Jace & Stoneforge Mystic Banned

  • Liliana now $40 more than Jace (also Jace had reprints - FTV, EMA)


The Finisher:

Well this week we finally got the big reveal of the “big bad” in Eldritch Moon and we were all suuuuper surprised to find that it is, in fact, Emrakul. And we were all really just verrrrrry shocked by that. Noooo ideaaaa at allllll that it was gonna be Emrakul… Alright we all kinda knew it was coming. While it is a cool reveal, it was really kinda obvious. So what’s another obvious reveal you expect to come to Magic in the near future?

Jun 17, 2016

First Pick:

Orlando Tragedy, community response


SCG, CoolStuff Inc. WotC responds to tragedy in Orlando:


Gather the Townsfolk:

MTG Goldfish has Deck Search


Craig Wescoe offering private coaching:


Jeff Hoogland quits MTGO:


Desperate Ravings:

Access Magic: Eldritch Moon


#TeamNahiri v. #TeamSorin


The Red Zone:

Ban Miracles:


Going Infinite

Sleep In Specials at Constructed GPs.


Just like Playmats before it.


Limited GPs still provide a service - prereg’ing your pool for you. This doesn’t fall from the sky. HOWEVER - You should still have the free option of showing up an hour before hand to register and build.


Professional Event Services hosted GP Columbus w free online deck reg - yet Sleep In Special still cost $20. This $20 is absurd.


Platinum Pros & Hall of Famers don’t have to pay for Sleep-In-Specials because WotC says so. Now it’s time for WotC, and the pro community, to help stand up for everyone else.


#FreeSiS - Ochoa talking to PES - Having to purchase due to flight - as someone who gets it free, wotc needs to step in - weird reply by TJ Collectibles; condescending tone


The Finisher:


For those of you who regularly watch first person shooters you already know what the Counterstrike: Global Offensive ESL Cologne Major event was, but for those of you that don’t it was a major shooty-shooty-bang-bang tournament that happened last weekend in France. And it’s relevant for us robe-and-wizard-hat poker folks because instead of using double elimination or round robin play, it used Swiss with a cut to top 8,, which is the first time a major non-turn-based ESport used Swiss pairings. So now that CS:GO has started borrowing ideas from Magic, what tidbit would you like to see MTG borrow from the big boys in ESports?

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