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Apr 28, 2016

First Pick:


Platinum/HoF changes




“The Dream”



Platinum pros will receive an appearance fee of $250 for competing at Pro Tours (previously $3,000), an appearance fee of $250 for competing at the World Magic Cup (previously $1,000), and an appearance fee of $250 for competing at a World Magic Cup Qualifier (previously $500)


*Patreon Subscriber Topic - International Magic impact *


Article by Sperling:


Article by Kibler, Finkel


“Player’s Union”




  • Platinum appearance fees will remain unchanged for the 2016-2017 season. This means that any Pro player who earns or has already earned Platinum status during the 2015-2016 season will receive all applicable appearance fees during the 2016-2017 season.


  • The increase to the World Championship prize pool will remain for 2016. That means the total prize pool will increase to $250,000 USD as announced, and the prize payout for the 24 players who qualify will be as follows:


“We also fully understand the impact our decision had on the level of trust both pro players and the Magic community have in us, and we will continue to work hard to earn that trust back.”


Desperate Ravings


There was also a PT…


  • Removed Modern PT


100th Pro Tour - No fanfare at all (same for 20th anniversary)


#SCGINV: Humans, Bant CoCo


#PTSOI: Seasons Past, Steve Rubin, quality top 8


PT locations announcement: Back to Japan! Back to Dublin! Nashville? Albuquerque?


GP Charlotte bathroom situation/announcement


Gather the Townsfolk - Enter the Battlefield from Nathan Holt and Shawn Kornhouser


Judges vs. Wizards (lawsuit in CA)


Helene article:


Official press release (“fans”)


Legal Solutions Blog:


It’s important to note for the purposes of the lawsuit that Wizards regulates all judge certification.  It administers the tests and training for certification, and imposes certain duties and responsibilities on active judges.  A violation of any of Wizards’ rules and regulations for judges can lead to a number of disciplinary actions, up to and including the loss of one’s judge certification.


Throughout most of the history of the judge program, Wizards has provided promotional cards (some extremely valuable) to judges, as an implicit “thank you” to them for their service.


The Red Zone



Kibler - most are pro writers..


Splash Damage

D&D meets Magic for the first time


The Finisher:

Professional poker pro and Grand Prix champion David Williams will one of the 30 or so competitors on the upcoming season of MasterChef with Gordon Ramsay. Hopefully this opens the door to more Magic players being selected for reality TV, so which shows and pros would you like to see paired in the future?

Apr 14, 2016

First Pick: New cards in Standard/Modern


1st big Standard event. Notables:


Pyromancer’s Goggles

Westvale Abbey

Drownyard Temple

Thing in the Ice

Thalia’s Lieutenant/Humans in General/White cards in General


Angel Wars - Round 12

Eldrazi Displacer


Fall of the Titans - playtesting for Avacyn’s Judgment


Tireless Tracker


Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim


Underwhelming effects of Vision and Sword on Modern, Gifts Tron, Scapeshift

New GY deck tools: Prized Amalgam, Insolent Neonate


Desperate Ravings - Enter The Battlefield


Enter The Battlefield premiers April 25 on Twitch:

Narrated by Wil Wheaton; Netflix release; YouTube release

Owen’s Mom in trailer: “My son never loses.”


Gather the Townsfolk - The New New Order (MTGJudge)


Judge Program Overhaul:

First major overhaul since New Order came into effect Sept. 2004

Important to note: there wasn’t WotC interference/input AFAIK here, purely MTGJudge driven


Splash Damage - New president of Hasbro, Leeds to Cocks (heh)


Greg Leeds resigns, Chris Cocks takes over:


Two new design jobs popped up on MTG/WotC:


Going Infinite


The Finisher:

This weekend is the first StarCityGames Invitational of 2016 is happening in Columbus Ohio and as you know the winner of this weekend’s Invi gets their own token. So if you somehow won an Invitational, what kind of token would you be?

Apr 7, 2016

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Airdate - 4/6/16

First Pick:

B&R Update

Modern shakeup: Eye of Ugin banned, Ancestral Vision and Sword of the Meek unbanned

Vintage: Lodestone Golem restricted

Not a ton of the honest-to-goodness Vintage players are happy because it’s mostly due to VSL and internal testing.

Gather the Townsfolk -

MTGO Friendly/Competitive Leagues:

MTGO Pre-release updates:

MTGO Legacy Cube:

Desperate Ravings -

PucaTrade Controversy?


Splash Damage:

Twitter wins bid to livestream NFL games

The Finisher:

We are back to our regularly scheduled Magic Mics after last week’s break for my full set review with myself and Brad Nelson. But for the next time one of us needs to take a break , what’s another excuse we can use to take a week off?