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Mar 30, 2017

First Pick & Giveaway:

GIVEAWAY -  7 Wonders Duel - Winner chosen Friday at 11PM ET -




Amonkhet Spoilers


  • Punch card token?!
    • “Embalmed” / Exerted / Brick Tokens / -1/-1 Counters
  • Exerted Mechanic (“Tryhard”)
    • Glorybringer
  • Archfiend of Ifnir
    • Return of Cycling!
  • Oracle’s Vault
    • Brick Counters
  • Trueheart Duelist
    • Embalm mechanic




Trick GIF:


Via Aaron Forsythe - They were meant to look not English; So...good job?


Gather the Townsfolk:

MTG Art Show Kickstarter - Josh Krause and Mike Linnemann


Three Unique pieces of Original Artwork to show off based on our chosen guild:


  • Erin - Overgrown Tomb by Rob Alexander
  • Reuben - Guttersnipe by Steve Prescott
  • Evan - Render Silent by Kev Walker


Cascade Games partnering with DreamHack Austin for $10k event; is this the next big thing for non-CFB TOs” To partner with non-MTG big gaming conventions?


Announcement Day moved to “June”


Lack of Graveyard Hate was planned


Mike Davis has died


Going Infinite


  • What makes Standard Good?
  • No Core Set means no ‘random cards’ (like Steel Overseer in M11 to help Scars block, etc) to help previous themes.
  • 4 Huge Set Themes vs 2 Huge Set Themes = a problem with balance.
  • Hate cards are lacking. Kaladesh didn’t need Shatterstorm, but not even a Naturalize?


Besides Tibalt, what is the worst Planeswalker in a Standard Set?



  • Chandra Ablaze (Zendikar)
  • Gideon, Champion of Justice (Guildpact)
  • Jace, the Living Guildpact (M15)
  • Liliana of the Dark Realms (M14)
  • Sarkhan Unbroken (Dragons of Tarkir)
  • Dovin Baan (Kaladesh)
  • Kiora, Master of the Depths (Battle for Zendikar)



The Finisher

I stumbled across a Reddit thread this week that got me thinking: we’ve seen Homelands, Prophecy, Dragon’s Maze, Rebecca Guay-gate, Necro, Affinity, Bant Company, Eldrazi, enemy fetchlands, enemy fetchland reprints, counterfeits, Wingdings mana, Wingdings abilities, and now Wingdings Masterpieces. But so far, nothing has successfully killed Magic. So in one sentence, what can actually kill Magic?

Mar 23, 2017

First Pick & Giveaway:

COOLSTUFFINC GIVEAWAY - 2x copies of Duel Deck: Mind vs Might -


ChannelFireball takes over ALL GPs beginning 2018, ‘multi-year’ plan;


Magic Show points:

  • No Competition means…
    • Likely higher prices for players
    • Likely higher prices for vendors
  • Players get:
    • Consistent Experience
    • Promotions can last multiple events
  • Player dangers:
    • Higher prices
    • No new ideas / bland events
  • Judge good
    • Only one place to schedule events
    • Consistent compensation (no bad vs great organizers)
  • Judge bad
    • End of Judge program due to lawsuits
    • Centralizing of premier level play judging will allow the implementation of a separate institution easily


Modern Masters 2017 Release - price drops?


Thanks to MM2017 - Dragon’s Maze is now worth $35/box, $.97/pack


No Bans:


Mind vs Might Decklists: YAWN


Gather the Townsfolk: 


Neale Talbot


  • Wizards needs to consolidate their customer tracking information into a single customer-identifiable ID.
  • Wizards have already consolidated DCI and other information into “Wizards Accounts.”
  • Wizards is phasing out DCI numbers and shutting down legacy systems.
  • MDN has been identified as a “platform” that provides a “seamless digital experience.”
  • MDN could serve as Wizards opportunity to unifying accounts as a launch-pad to interacting with Magic IP products, both online and offline.


  • WotC copying Blizzard by creating a “Wizards ID”
    • Can track online and offline play
    • No need for DCI (see also: Judge program)


Going Infinite - Too many PWalkers these days? 4x per set since BFZ, was 2.4~ or so per set before. Small set get 2 vs 1 previously.


Splash Damage
I Made Obscene Money Forging Magic the Gathering Cards:


Lifecoach on Quitting Hearthstone:



The Finisher

This week after the GAMA show, there was a huge shake up that left three iconic long-time board game legends out of a job. I'm talking of course about the three Monopoly pieces (the thimble, the wheelbarrow, and the boot) that got the boot from the all-time classic and truly terrible Hasbro title. More than 4.3 million votes on social media determined the newly configured group of eight: a T-Rex, rubber ducky and penguin will join the five classic tokens Scottie the dog, hat, car, battleship, and the cat, which you may recall replaces the iron in 2013. This is a truly momentous day, but it begs the question: what iconic character would be next to get the boot in Magic?

Mar 9, 2017

First Pick & Giveaway:




COOLSTUFFINC GIVEAWAY - Ultra Pro supplies featuring new Snapcaster Mage - Deck Box, Playmat, and Sleeves -


Modern Masters comedown - Tarmogoyf, Blood Moon, Cavern of Souls in the set. EV off the chain.


Pauper - Thunderous Wrath at common(!)


  • Karn price spike
  • Mishra’s Bauble continues to get more expensive
  • Noble Hierarch
  • Fulminator Mage (at $30+)


Banning announcement on Monday - what stays? Can JtMS return? Will Mox Opal get banned?


MTGO Champs reactions: Wrapter Wins, Lucas Blohan 2nd Place with impressive showing


Gather the Townsfolk:

MOCS - reactions mixed, new casters (PSulli)


Masterpieces in future Modern Masters sets?


Pass the Salt

Reserve List Birthday - March 4th, 1996 - in response from Chronicles & Fourth Edition


From reddit:


The revision of the list happened in direct response to the Phyrexia vs. Coalition Duel Decks, which were revealed to contain a copy of Phyrexian Negator. Duel Decks being such a heavily printed product compared to something like a judge foil or FTV product caused a lot of people to get extremely worried about the potential future reprints that this could lead to (Forums were ablaze at the time), and either due to the outcry that this resulted in, or due to someone with actual power to do something, a meeting was called to discuss the future of the Reserved List. At the time, it was something that Wizards were open to discussing to some degree, and everyone expected that it would be the death knell of the thing.


Splash Damage

MaRo top-rated speaker at last year’s Game Developer’s Conference:


Broken Concentration & Accursed Witch nominated for Spectrum awards:


Viewer - Q&A


The Finisher

This week, the NHL’s expansion team the Las Vegas Golden Knights signed the very first player in franchise history: a free agent forward from the Brandon Wheat Kings of the Western Hockey League by the name of Reid Duke. Now, obviously, this Reid Duke is not the same Reid Duke we all know and love, but that didn’t prevent the Twitter mentions of our favorite Peach Gardener from filling up faster than an open net. It also means that hashtag Baewatch is now also hashtag Knightwatch and we all have a new favorite hockey squad, so Erin and Reuben, what I want to know is this: what’s next for the NHL’s Golden Knights now that they have the adoration of Magic players everywhere?

Mar 2, 2017

First Pick:

Exclusive Preview - Scavenging Ooze!


GIVEAWAY - 4x Scavenging Ooze from Modern Masters 2017



Enemy Fetchlands


Path to Exile & Inquisition at Uncommon (Inquisition was rare in Conspiracy 2)


Liliana of the Veil


  • Giving community members spoilers
    • Kibler gets Bonfire
    • Losset gets Terminus
    • Alexander Hayne was Entreat
    • Frank Karsten was Stony Silence
    • Loading Ready Run was Seance
    • Mark Rosewater had Gifts Ungiven



  • Burning-Tree Emissary
  • Magma Jet
  • Mortician Beetle from Rare to Common(!)


Still Looking For:

  • Mishra’s Bauble
  • Blood Moon
  • Engineered Explosives
  • Crucible of Worlds


Gather the Townsfolk:

CFB & CoolStuffInc buying back reprints

The Finisher

It seems Wizards of the Coast is really into trolling it’s official previewers this time around, what with giving us a graveyard hate card and giving Brian Kibler Bonfire of the Damned, giving Frank Karsten Stony Silence, and giving Loading Ready Run Seance, and a few more. So for when Amokhet rolls around, what card would troll you the most?