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Jun 29, 2017

First Pick & Giveaway:

GIVEAWAY - Win a Playset of Majestic Myriarch


Exclusive Preview - Majestic Myriarch


  1. Razaketh the foul blooded
  2. Rhonas’ last stand
  3. River Hoopoe (hoo-poo)


  1. Doomfall
  2. Nimble Obstructionist
  3. Torment of Hailfire


  1. Champion of Wits
  2. Ammit Eternal
  3. Overwhelming Splendor


  1. Appeal // Authority
  2. Hollow One
  3. Rumanap Ruins


  1. Hazoret’s Undying Fury
  2. Hour of Eternity
  3. Kefnet’s Last Word

Going Infinite:

Hall of Fame ballots are out.


Erin asks: ‘Do you think it’s appropriate for #WotCStaff to stump for nominees?’


Sene1’s thoughts:


Quote from LSV on FB:

The average Hall of Fame voting thread:

- "You should vote for [person not remotely close to being eligible]"

- "I know [person] is a cheater, but their results are great"

- "This person's results are clearly the best" (about someone with fewer results across the board than other candidates)

- "Based on these objective criteria, you have to vote for this person" (criteria chosen in reverse to justify voting for someone specific)

At the end of all this, everyone just votes for exactly who they wanted to initially, based on whatever they feel is relevant, and nobody changes their mind. At least Josh Utter-Leyton will get to enjoy a month of everyone talking about how great he is, because not voting for him is pretty hard to justify, regardless of the metrics you choose.

SethBurn’s MaRo/Long/Pikula opinion:


Sam Stoddard’s thoughts on MTGHOF from 2011

Magic Hall of Fame should have a physical location! Travel around with Magic Art Show to GPs?


Gather the Townsfolk:

”Cassius Marsh Gets Wrecked at GP Vegas” article on Kotaku:


Official Seahawks take on Cassius in Vegas:


Splash Damage:

WotC makes a rainbow. People lose their minds:


The Finisher


This week over on the MTG subreddit, user ScottRadish stumbled upon one of the greatest cover-ups in Magic history: The M10 rule changes never happened! The theory goes that Rise of the Eldrazi came out in 2009, as did several big rule changes that coincided with the arrival of our flying spaghetti overlords. Magic did away with mana burn, but not because it was an archaic stupid rule… but because Ulamog ate all the excess mana! 1-cost burn spells and mana dorks stopped seeing print, but not because Lightning Bolt and Elvish Mystic were too good… it’s because Kozilek was countering them all! The exile zone was introduced, but not because it sounds way cooler than “removed from game…” but because the Eldrazi can process things from there! And now, with the deaths of Kozilek and Ulamog at the hands of the Gatewatch last year, Llanowar Elves and mana burn were due to come back… which is why the Standard rotation cycle was reverted back to the old 2 year version! **Wake up people!** The M10 rule changes never actually came into effect! That means damage has been on the stack for the last seven years! The term “battlefield” was introduced then as well… so where have we been putting our 187 creatures since 2009? Dogs and cats living together! Mass Hysteria! ((breathe)) Now, clearly this is the best Magic conspiracy theory since Conspiracy, but we gotta sell more National Inquirers next week, so what is another tinfoil tricorn hat hypothesis you came up with?

Jun 28, 2017

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Jun 22, 2017

First Pick & Giveaway:

GIVEAWAY - 4x Scarab Heavy Metal Magic tokens




Exclusive Preview Next Week


Spoilers -


  1. Deserts

  2. Eternalize

  3. Two Gods (Scorpion / Locust)

  4. Scavenger Grounds + Hate Cards

  5. Supreme Will, Mirage Mirror, Angel of Condemnation, Pride Sovereign


Gather the Townsfolk:

Ixalan Foil Sheet Spoiling:

  • “Enrage” Mechanic - if this creature is damaged, do X
  • 3 planeswalkers: GB vraska, U Jace, and new RW planeswalker.
  • Sorcerous Spyglass - 2 mana Peek + Pithing Needle artifact
  • Treasure tokens - "T, Sacrifice this artifact: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool."
  • Explore - Reveal top; Put +1/+1 counter on creature if non-land, if land put in hand. May put on top or in graveyard. 

The Finisher

This past Monday, just after GP Vegas ended, the National Weather Service reported that Las Vegas, Nevada posted the highest ever recorded temperature of 117 degrees in Sin City. Since then, Phoenix, Palm Springs, and many others also reported record highs. Death Valley came within degrees of the hottest it has ever been anywhere  in the United States. Burbank airport in southern California grounded regional aircraft because the air was too hot and thin to provide the lift needed to take off. #Science. Basically it’s the perfect metagame Deserts and Hour of Devastation. So based on the spoiler season and the summer season heating up, what do you expect the next official Hour of Devastation preview to be?

Jun 17, 2017

First Pick & Giveaway:
GIVEAWAY - Gift Certificates

Announcement Week!

#1 - Metamorphosis 2.0
New Worlds each plane; the death of small sets

The Core Set Returns! Core 2019 on its way in July

Less Gatewatch characters/planeswalkers in sets

“Play Design” team developed

Magic MMORPG coming from Cryptic Studios

Magic Duels is dead

Aetherworks Marvel is banned in Standard

Looked at adding cards to Standard

Ixalan is coming - leaks suck

Rivals of Ixalan in January 2018

New “Art of Ixalan” book coming

April of 2018 - “Dominaria” coming! Richard Garfield on design team!

25th Anniversary Masters Set in March 2018

UNSTABLE - New Un-Set - December 8th, 2017

Pro Tours not necessarily 2 weeks after set release (starting with Ixalan)

TEAM PRO TOURS - for Pro Tour Core Set 2019
How should people qualify?
What format should the qualifiers / Pro Tour use?

Red Zone: Leaks - Good or Bad? Publish / Talk About or No?

Giveaway / Trivia Questions

$10 - What Was Our First Ever Preview Card?

$25 - Who Was The Only Guest EVER On The Show?

$50 - What Episode # are we filming today?

$100 - What Day Did The First Show Air?

Jun 8, 2017

First Pick & Giveaway:

GIVEAWAY - Nicol Bolas Archenemy set -


Hour of Devastation Spoilers - Nicol Bolas, Samut, Bontu’s Last Reckoning


MTG Triple-A Video Game MMORPG!


Gather the Townsfolk:

MTGO 15th Anniversary:


Extra HOU cards - Basic Lands


Seen in Archenemy:



Red Zone:
Commander vs 1 v 1 Commander


Desperate Ravings:

Magic Streamers to Watch, by Gaby Spartz:


The Finisher


Ladies and gentlemen, Magicians of all ages, next week is Grand Prix Las Vegas, and that means we are a short *nine days* from the first ever Magic Mics filmed in front of a live studio audience with all three of us sitting together in the same room, and of course later broadcast live-to-tape like Saturday Night Live does it. It is very exciting, but it’s also a lot of pressure, because you all expect the best from us. So in order to live up to the hype, what’s one thing we can do to make next week’s live show extra memorable?

Jun 1, 2017

First Pick & Giveaway:

GIVEAWAY - $50 Gift Certificate


GP Vegas Announcement - LIVE SHOW!


C17 Spoilers after last week


Gather the Townsfolk:

Announcing ‘Commander: Anthology:’


Changes to Magic Online PPTQs:


New cards warp easier?


Desperate Ravings:

Pro Tour Special Invite Controversy:

Amaz (Jason Chan) bio - his Twitch AmazHS has over 76m views, 806,000 followers, regularly gets 20,000 watching him at any one time.


GP Vegas Travel Guide, by Chris Higashi on NumotGaming


Going Infinite:

“Head to Head: Fun things wizards won’t let you have”

Follow along:


Blast From The Past:

Worst GP Playmats


The Finisher

This June, we celebrate a few life milestones: Magic Mics turns 2 later this month, we’re going to have our first live studio audience episode at GP Vegas, my son Miles turned 6 today, and thousands of folks from all over the world graduate from high school, universities, and various community colleges (both Tolarian and otherwise). So as we don our mortarboards and sign our yearbooks, what would like your current senior quote to be?